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Presto Printo – Ages 5+

Birthday Magic Book

This is an amazing coloring book for the aspiring birthday magician. The Magician shows all the pages to be blank with simple drawings and no color. The magic spell is spoken and all the pages magically become colored… as if by magic! It’s not over yet, the performer now speaks another magic word of their choosing and all the colors disappear completely! Every single page is blank.

This is hands down the most popular magic trick among young kids. It’s very easy to learn and the audience will be spellbound by it’s magic. Watch the video below and see a performance by a Seattle area Magician.

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Magic Cards – Ages 8+

Magic Cards

If you’re looking to perform like a pro, then look no further than this magical deck of playing cards. The young birthday magician shows a (seemingly) normal deck of playing cards to the audience. The child then asks a spectator to choose a card, then the entire deck magically changes so that every single card is now their chosen card. It’s amazing! Every young magician should have this in their repertoire.

  • Comes with instructions to learn additional tricks
  • easy to learn
  • look like a pro
Only $12.00 Buy Now